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Much of the profits of some of the sales of our pieces has been used to support WaterAid

**2015 UPDATE: We will be offering our help and support to an incredible and ambitious project
starting early this year. In one of the more remote parts of Cote D'Ivoire, a bore hole (Water Well)
is going to be attempted. Hydro-Geologicals are good on the proposed site, and anticipated bedrock
is not too deep.

HOWEVER - a Major challenge is being faced in getting the drilling rig and equipment to the site.
No access roads, a steep mountain to cross, huge rocks to be broken / blown apart etc etc
- are just some of the challenges the earth moving and bore hole drilling teams will be facing**
(Instead of the usual year or so planning, the teams have had only 1 month to prepare so far)

NOTE: This a privately funded venture which we are involved in, but it is not in conjunction with
'WaterAid', or 'Water Wells for Africa'. We are not a charity yet, so donations cannot be accepted.
I basically raise funds for such projects by selling 'quality' tribal art and helping people build the
tribal collections of their dreams! The team is spread out now, so I get involved in this side too!! Steve T

The mountain to the far right, needs to be traversed, but first a road needs to be created by earth movers!!

Unsuitable existing water supply from offshoots of polluted river, also used frequently by wild / domestic animals

Project starting mid/late february, duration 2 to 3 weeks!!! Dry favouable weather, so fingers crossed.


WaterAid & Fine Tribal Gallery

Clean water is the key... We have worked for many years on projects we support with one of the best charities around - Water Aid. They are focused on the provision of clean water and sanitary solutions for villages. Most of the children we have known that have died, did so from diseases associated with drinking 'Dirty' water which is infected with animal excreta and parasites.
Over 15,000 children die each year in Mali alone, just from Diarrhea caused by drinking unclean water. There are also a myriad of other causes of death due to many other diseases!! We also do what we can via working with the many NGOs who are dotted about. These are Non Governmental Organisations like ourselves from mostly USA and Europe who donate their time and efforts. We have helped finish or fix water wells in some remote villages where the children or vulnerable young women have to walk many miles each day through dangerous areas, to fetch 'dirty' water that may ultimately kill them..