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**2015 UPDATE - Due to the income generated from recent sales of an amazing prominent collection of authenticated Chiefs pieces, we will finally be able to fix the water well we built near one of our orphanages in 'Moyen Cavally', and also rebuild some of the dormitories which were damaged late last year when rebels set fire to parts of our camp. Much of the FTG team is focused on this and nearby villages, so we will not be exhibiting again in Europe or the US this year - sorry**

With profits from the Tribal art we sell to other collectors...

We help run an Orphanage in Moyen Cavally near the Cote D'Ivoire / Liberia border
which houses several hundred orphaned children mostly from the refugee crisis which
has been on going in Cote D'Ivoire for many years due to rebel activity and political
instability. Many are orphans due to the growing Aids epidemic..
(See pictures below - beware some pictures are a little graphic!!)

From 2014 we will be supporting and
working more with SOS Childrens Villages.
Please visit their site and help if you can


Below are the happy faces of Orphans with enough food, medicines and clean water.

These are wonderful little children of all ages who have known very little peace,
happiness or safety in their lives. The boys face constant threats from rebels who take
them to join their forces. The girls if not looked after can be forced to enter a world of
prostitution or can even be forced into marriage and motherhood from the age of 11.
On top of that, there is a near constant lack of 'clean water' which leads to serious life
threatening problems caused by bouts of Dysentery and Diarrheoa. Although we and
others have provided many treated mosquito nets and meds, the children invariably get
Malaria several times a year and are as of 2014 at much greater risk of contracting
Yellow Fever.
Through our own efforts and collaborations with a few NGO's we help keep these
children alive, nourished, happy, and in with a chance of some kind of future.
Education is a key factor to survival in Africa long term, support efforts whenever
possible to enhance this objective. Sadly, with limited resources, malaria treatments
and water solutions tend to trump many other things.
(We do always try to find enough spare money for some coca cola and sweets ;0)

Below is how things are when we can't offer enough support due to limited funds or no access due to rebels

Our objective is to reduce the number of 'remember me' sticks for the little orphans that we don't save!!